Welcome to Raker Rhodes Engineering, where we bring innovative and sustainable solutions to life for the places we live, work, and play. Since late 2006, our skilled and experienced structural engineers have been dedicated to providing the best services for construction projects in the Midwest. We thrive on creating standout designs and believe in collaborating closely with you to craft the perfect blueprint for success. With a focus on customer satisfaction, clear communication, and staying on schedule, we ensure peace of mind throughout your project journey. Embracing technology and upholding the highest standards, we never settle for anything less than outstanding results. Let's bring your dreams to life together. Contact us today to embark on this exciting journey.


Erik Raker, President, Des Moines Office
John Rhodes, Vice President, Des Moines Office
Brian Thomas, Principal, Des Moines Office
Michael McIntire, Principal, Fort Collins Office
Brad Hill, Principal, Iowa City Office
Jacob Phipps, Associate Principal, Des Moines Office
Tyler Scott, Associate Principal, Des Moines Office
Nick Decker, Associate Principal, Fort Collins Office
Jerad Hoffman, Associate Principal, Sioux Falls Office


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