Raker Rhodes Engineering (RRE) is a structural, industrial and civil engineering firm based in Des Moines, IA. We provide quality engineering design & consulting services to architects, building owners and contractors in Iowa and the surrounding states.


Since our beginning in 2007, we have provided our creative style of structural and civil engineering on a wide variety of projects including: K-12, Higher Education, Residential, Retail, Municipal, Office, Renovation, Medical, Industrial/Detailing and Civil.

We work very hard to make sure our clients don't have to. Our designs are buildable and delivered on time and on budget.

RRE uses Revit to provide BIM modeling for our architectural and contractor clients.


Alabama ➫ Arizona ➫ Arkansas ➫ California ➫ Colorado ➫ Delaware ➫ Florida ➫ Georgia ➫ Idaho ➫ Illinois ➫ Indiana ➫ Iowa ➫ Kansas ➫ Kentucky ➫ Louisiana ➫ Maryland ➫ Michigan ➫ Minnesota ➫ Mississippi ➫ Missouri ➫ Montana ➫ Nebraska ➫ New Mexico ➫ North Carolina ➫ North Dakota ➫ Ohio ➫ Oklahoma ➫ Pennsylvania ➫ South Dakota ➫ Tennessee ➫ Texas ➫ Virginia ➫ Washington ➫ Wisconsin ➫ Wyoming

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