The 700-sf canopy and stage anchors a comprehensive pedestrian streetscape building local pride and invigorating public space outside small businesses. Six wideflange steel columns between each bay rise through the canopy to support a cantilevered superstructure from which hangs a layered assembly of joists, louvers, and glazing. Sloped glass planes maximize acoustic performance, protect performers from weather, and channel rainwater to drain. The louvered aluminum canopy above serves alternately as sunshade and light reflector. The sloped bays typically remain accessible during performances, setting the scene for theatrical interactivity as passersby momentarily become part of the show. At midday, the glass ignites with white brilliance in crisp contrast to the shade it projects. As dusk approaches, the growing glow of its programmable color-changing LEDs lends safe visibility and a playful ambiance to the promenade. In its off-hours, the canopy operates as an occupiable urban landmark. It is a meeting point, a threshold, an awning, and a shady respite.


Iowa City, IA


Neumann Monson Architects

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